About Us

Opthopatch eye patches were carefully designed by Ben, an exceptional optician for over 25 years. Coming from a family of doctors with a shared passion for vision therapy, Ben has dedicated his time treating eye conditions in children specifically Amblyopia (lazy eye).

For most of his career as a licensed optician, not only did he witness the struggles that parents and children face when dealing with Amblyopia and eye patching, but he also experienced firsthand the same struggles given that 2 of his kids were diagnosed with Amblyopia. It was through a deep understanding of the needs of both the parents and the kids with Amblyopia that enabled him to create Opthopatch eye patches for kids.

Opthopatch eye patches address many of the struggles that parents and children face when it comes to eye patching. It’s a fact that kids hate wearing eye patches because of discomfort and skin irritation, not to mention looking awkward in front of their friends. As a solution, Ben and the team behind Opthopatch created eye patches that are made from hypoallergenic, non-woven, absorbent cotton material that allows the skin to breathe, extra sensitive adhesive to reduce skin irritation and an extra layer of blackout protection to keep the light out for superior eye treatment.

Opthopatch eye patches for kids also come in unique and cool designs for girls and boys, making them fun to wear! And to encourage a habit of eye patching, a rewards chart is included in each box to help track daily the patches that are worn paired with corresponding prizes, thus, giving the kids an incentive to wear eye patches with no fuss! Opthopatch eye patches are doctor recommended and proven to be highly effective and fun for all children!